Talk about the experience of web users from four aspects

serverA stable I like

this may make you doubt, market segments? What do you mean? Market segments, that is to do, what are you going to do the site to do fine, and do not pursue the large and complete website, from my personal point of view I think a more prominent website can bring good user experience, because users want to find what it is easy to find, and not as an industry, "

said so much, do what the user experience will be good? I said six points here.

market segments

do a lot of Shanghai dragon will focus only on the keywords ranking, feel that as long as the ranking is up, the other does not matter, others are not important, in fact, this idea is very normal, I have seen a lot of station, very bad user experience, page page layout confusion, let a person can’t find north, but is such a web site, a month there are tens of thousands of tens of thousands of profits, although not much, but for the individual is indeed a big income, see this situation, we can not say that the user experience is poor as long as the ranking is good, maybe we should change a way to see the rankings, user experience well, the monthly income of not more? The user experience can be set aside a lot of users live, return rate will be relatively high, and that when customers visit the web site feel more formal, more comfortable.

also received a lot of orders to do, the primary requirement of many customers is simple and elegant, the word is easy to say, but if there is no certain design experience to do it is not easy, so why customers now do simple and generous? This is a problem of user experience, a the brightly coloured website makes people feel frivolous, not stable, who will not trust this station, my own personal love is relatively simple and elegant website, including my own station is, before I adjust the structure of the site, the user experience is better. A simple and elegant station makes people look comfortable, not chaos, looks more convincing, users can easily find what they want. So, to make the user experience, simple and generous essential.

, a stable and fast speed to access the

two, beautiful and simple design style

server is very important, if the site often isn’t open, you think who will trust this station? Look at the site to look good when suddenly open, when the order suddenly open, all the data are registered members to fill out the registration suddenly open, this is a very annoying thing, this website is not only to keep the user, but will bring very bad influence to the user, the next time someone will come to visit? It is not certain. And the website browsing speed is also faster, if very slow. I believe that no one will have the patience to wait "slowly loaded, take myself, as long as the site speed is slow, even if you are good I will immediately turn off the station, so don’t take a snail space test user patience.


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