Search marketing two biggest flaw in how we compensate

that another defect is what? I think it is the problem of the transformation. This problem is not guangguai search engine, first said. We are considering the cycle when buying products, especially industrial products, can not be the first time to visit your website to buy right. So from this to your website to need how many times the middle ditch > buy your product

I think the search marketing has two drawbacks: first it is a passive marketing, if you want to do the brand, want to get visibility, want to instantly know the masses, the search engine is to help you. Because the search engine can only passively wait for others to come to you, if no brand awareness, sorry it may not come to you as a user. So I even Tucao company brand index are not to play this game. The direct number, obviously. So if you want to do a brand to search for the best marketing, must push and pull together.

do people know where we are and where flow, maximum flow China website is love Shanghai. But search marketing is one of the largest benefits is accurate, the price is every enterprise can afford, not a catchword? Taobao let everyone open the shop, love Shanghai so that every enterprise do promotion, micro-blog let each enterprise do brand, really want to add a word of WeChat after the face let everyone do brand, I often say that small and beautiful Ma estimates that WeChat would help him achieve advocate, pull away. It also shows the search marketing is the best choice of small and medium-sized enterprises, many people may see the benefits, and not aware of its shortcomings, you may also recognize the lack of but don’t know how to make up, today I took some of his own reflection and you said, you listen.

how to break passive marketing, the answer is of course active marketing. Of course, the most active marketing niubable to bomb number of television advertising, of course naobaijin. The recent fire in a complete mess which excavator? Lan Xiang is not the first on TV in the bombing, let the masses to understand the brand, and then detonated in social media. A brand index high website, Shanghai dragon is to start with, certainly burn television advertising may not every business can afford. Maybe it is not our network marketing concern.

network can play generally soft, I have seen a soft master all the thousands of Lan Xiang is able to get the index, in the social media is not lit causes the hand piece credit? Secondly recommended is the love of Shanghai alliance, the active marketing is relatively good, the key is to determine the strategy and the level of your game and making you copy your brand how quickly started. There are websites with direct, love Shanghai alliance similar, not much to say. The mobile terminal has wide point WeChat recently launched, these are the most extensive coverage, the largest flow, each of the small and medium-sized enterprise afford active marketing, the key to success in the operation of the people.


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