Study on the site before the construction of key words


sites should be selected carefully, no understanding of Shanghai dragon friends may directly select the name or select the company’s products as the keyword of the website, but when your company’s website no brand awareness, no user will search company name or site name. The name of the product if the product does not contain the common name, often no one search. The following is my talk about the importance of study on the website keywords before construction from several aspects:

At the beginning of

we obtain several key words through the above analysis, then we can according to the keywords of the main competitors. Look at them using the optimization method, and the flow rate of the source, find some of their deficiencies, improve. In the construction site or the promotion of the time, they learn a little bit, to avoid their problems.

website is very easy to do a website directly, ignoring the research of the industry keywords, and then after the success in the construction site to promote the optimization of the website, this will often bring inconvenience to the late optimization. For example: the site selection of key words more intense competition, the website may do not go up for a long time, for example: the choice of site keywords is unpopular, but make up flow is very low. So the research on the website construction before the keyword

1, improve the optimization efficiency of

we do Shanghai Longfeng basically know the importance of long tail keywords, most of the site traffic is basically through the long tail, of course, those who have the brand website except. We can study by keywords on the web tools, analysis tools to analyze the source of the flow with the flow, some users often find some long tail keywords search. Then according to these keywords targeted promotion of the site, which can bring traffic to the website, you can also bring the actual benefit to the site. After all, website promotion brings real benefits to the company is the most important. For this purpose we see Shanghai for sex. Although money in search engine ranking, but if you really bring order, they are willing to do for promotion.

when we need to build a website, according to the needs of the company, the company’s products on the investigation and analysis of network. Find keywords flow. But don’t set your goals in the most popular, the most searched words. Although the popular keywords of the flow is very high, but for small and medium enterprises, so that the search engine if the top is very difficult. Of course, if the company has a strong human and financial resources, can choose the. Select a higher flow at the same time, the difficulty is not too big words, it can not only reduce the cost of optimization, can also go to a good effect on the website optimization.

2, long tail keywords construction

The above is my Study on is very important!Keywords

on the website at the beginning of.

3, to rival

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