Ruili algorithm is misinformation by K website has been restored



well, said tired, there are not many places for all analysis, further analysis on some abstruse, in fact, these seemingly simple places are good, your site is half success.

many sites are dead in the open speed on a website, if more than 10 seconds are not open, the user is bound to turn off the website to search for other sites, so this is one reason why research center ranking good, not too much JS loading, no HD picture big, want to note that wedding websites such as high-definition picture of its own, it can compress compression, can put less put less.

Click to enter, you will find the page layout is very simple, not fancy. The distribution and the directory clear, users can find their required material for the first time can be greatly reduced, click on the cost, reduces the bounce rate.

everyone is on the right side of the center for the study of Slide Title attracted? Is not always can not help but want to click and see what? This is the title of the charm, must first attract people, then click. Even if you write in the title is not good, no color hits! No hits and the value of

?Specific analysis is as follows:

, the site of the title, keywords, description and so on are very concise, not stack keywords, this is love Shanghai love.

3, website open speed

algorithm about Ruili raise a Babel of criticism of the new year’s day three days during a matter has been fired, and even some rumor that Shanghai is dead, Shanghai dragon do! Adu Shanghai Longfeng the big change has generated suspicion, but after all the love Shanghai search originator, can not casually to discriminate.Cn and.Cc domain but, fortunately, love Shanghai has made the official reply, during the new year’s day belongs to the system fault, has been fully restored! There are pictures and the truth, directly above.



remember a word, do you have any Shanghai dragon is not only to search engine optimization, but also to the user

page layout

above we can safely believe it, Adu has been concerned about the Shanghai dragon the words "Shanghai dragon" rankings, originally published in 2015 "I fell in love with the sea change volume K sea dragon algorithm station" did not discuss said in the Shanghai dragon research center of this station has consistently ranked third, but the new year’s day three days by K. In 100 can not find, but it still ranked third, what is the reason to make this station through Ruili algorithm baptism, still ranked third

4, the title is very important

See standard titleYou can look at the practice of

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