16 years at the beginning of the new year white Shanghai dragon Er how to quickly build your own web

first, you should learn some basic knowledge of CSS and html. Know the application pro must know any dynamic program finally displayed on the client is based on HTML code, html is some very basic site elements, we use dynamic website as an example, a lot of dynamic applications such as PHP, Java, c# and other SQL statements to let the webmaster learn a variety of objects and classes or even learn a lot of basic many white see the head is greater than the bucket, then there is not a basic element that we can quickly get started the Shanghai dragon, good html is the key recommendation of the basic procedures, HTML does not need to learn many libraries or package function that HTML language is actually a scripting language used WYSIWYG, does not need any complex environment for processing, only need to open your browser to see the effect, HTML and CS S learning do not understand any computer can get started quickly, although simple, but the basic code is our site optimization based elements is very important, so mastering the basic skills, to promote the optimization of the website construction, website promotion competition ability.

third, grasp the dedecms tag calls and background modules. We know that the web site is site operation and maintenance personnel often have to operate the stage, as a webmaster before >

second, build a web site using dedecms. Now the Internet site program as a webmaster in addition to innumerable, we choose a suitable industry program, but also pay attention to flexible, simple, extensible, with my own very love station system. For example, Dede itself has its own non tag systems often powerful, as a novice to use is also very easy generally speaking, we can download the PHP runtime environment suit Dede website, can be installed directly fool, then according to the official website of the document. The manual, will be copied to the PHP installation program. Under the environment of HtDocs this folder, directly to the next step of install, continue to the next step to install. If you are a novice just to practice, we can say. You only need to install a good site, familiar with the background you can publish the article, how to publish on the website that the document is very detailed, you can not call any previous label, you can build your own web site, in the maintenance process can continue to learn the first at about CSS and HTML basic knowledge, such as the end of their template and lay a solid foundation.


we know that Shanghai dragon Er mainly refers to the search engine optimization for a class of students and staff, search engine optimization, I think we must have a platform for practice, the method to build this platform is the author today and share website, since the site is so important for the optimization of so many of us white Shanghai dragon Er how to quickly build their own

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