Shanghai dragon website optimization idea and strategy is more important than execution

With the continuous upgrading of the

first, the concept and nature of the analysis of Shanghai dragon. As everyone knows Shanghai, search engine optimization, the English named SearchEngineOptimization, with literal analysis, search engine optimization is how to make your site to do all aspects of the details, make it accord with the search engine and sorting rules, so that their own website weight ideal and achieve good display position in the search engine. The literal meaning is very simple, but the actual operation process, we may face many problems, how to improve the site weight, the number included how to effectively improve the high quality of the chain, how to do so. The author thinks that the basic problems in the actual operation, in fact, summed up just a bit, how to effectively enhance the user experience of the site, all for customer service, the author thinks that this is the essence of Shanghai dragon, this is the Shanghai dragon in the process of operation, and the operation level is only the manifestation, that is operation level.

search engine algorithm, especially for the love of Shanghai search engine, the author found that the current in the process of Web site optimization, web site outside the chain to win the fight before, even if the content is very general, as long as there is enough the chain ranking will rapidly get a good position now, with several algorithms to love Shanghai upgrade the author thinks that the website optimization is a thinking activity, we say the most is chose to be the execution of webmaster and long-term adherence to these qualities are necessary, but at present, the author believes that at this stage of the Shanghai dragon website optimization, optimization ideas and strategies than the strong executive power is more critical, some hard work spell the chain number, similar to those of physical strength live time has gone away from us, good gossip short continued to enter today’s theme website, Shanghai Dragon The optimization idea and strategy is more important than execution.

second, the content of construction must pay attention to the value and scarcity is included foundation. Shanghai’s Mars program made it clear that the original love is included, the quality and value of how to reflect, I think the original is actually targeted for their products or services with profound interpretation, must empathy station writing on the part of the reader, writing experiences sentiment and so on. The scarcity of factors mainly in how to establish a new writing, change an angle to review their own products and the value of service, for example, for example, the website is about Lantian jade, jade for the if in accordance with the rules of Lantian jade outside bracelet, pendant, dance, carving and so on. If only from the appearance of paper, such as the Lantian jade divided into what kind of? What is the color of Lantian jade and so on? The usual elaboration is not reflect the scarcity of the factors, the author thinks that the small, special, fine ideas are analyzed, such as the Lantian jade bracelet is a small class of Lantian jade categories in particular, mainly reflected in the special place such as Lantian Fu Rongyu this bracelet is another small kind of jade bracelet, fine is to go into the needs of users, to create customer demand-oriented, such as Lantian Fu Rongyu bracelet for 30>

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