We paid a return visit to the first batch of entrepreneurs who did small programs to see what they h

AI media consulting released the investigation report on the "2017 China netizen" WeChat small program and development status display: WeChat small program released a month later, application developers significantly enhance the degree of concern to 94.9%, but the choice of application developers to continue the development of small programs accounted for only 9.2%, there are 35.2% application developers to feel small program disappointed, intended to give up, 35.2% of developers said not consider short-term.

small program can not meet the appetite of Internet Co

At the end of last September after the

for small program activity decline problem, light joint founder Fan Huaiyu think is normal phenomenon, "users will not in the short term to form a particularly stable habit."".

in accordance with the established pace of development, small application cloud >

applet beta version, the Liu Zhicong team was established to serve the small program PaaS platform, small application cloud, the development of simplified small program background, to provide a small program for integrated development does not have the back-end capabilities of small enterprises.

small program released the same day, the interface news once in the "WeChat small program on-line entrepreneurs start running" article, reported several companies in the first time launched a small program. Over the past month or so, what has been done by these small programs, and how developers have been in the mood.

how can we get into the network business faster and succeed? Play your own advantages, have your own website, and find out the needs of your web site visitors. If you do is a beauty slimming class website, selling weight loss drugs than GG much stronger, sell a set is to earn hundreds of pieces. Someone asked, "how come this product, I did not?" I put three ads for you, found the product is absolutely salable. First, go to Taobao to see hot products, with the owner of cooperation. Second, acting on TV shopping products, it is easy to sell. Third, go to Alibaba wholesale purchase. There are some local characteristics of agricultural products, which sell or wholesale online business is surprisingly good, competition is not very fierce agricultural products, farmers access to the Internet or less. Have the advantage of Wangzhuan friends, to seize the initiative. Use your SEO row to search ahead, that single earned tens of thousands, on one hundred thousand. Wangzhuan friends, from now on you to give way. This paper first Yifei Wangzhuan Research Blog 11495.cn

love fan children’s small app store is still keep a stable number of submitted, responsible person Chong Xu told news reporters have an interface, manufacturers do maternal and child market do a 7 small program submitted to the small app store.

!Of course we can not

magazine is one of the first start-up teams to try small programs, and they still maintain the same development input on small programs as they did at the beginning of the line.

love fan children founder Wang Weixing said: "the micro channel public number system to a small program service system, from the content of the circulation and the connection platform towards a huge ecological service system. The emergence of a platform level service ecosystem, early exploration and wait and see, is predictable."

small program, scan two-dimensional code into the way, can not meet the appetite of Internet Co, but now instead of some traditional industries showed interest in it.

in his view, the current small program is closer to a stable situation. "Small program is no longer a hotspot, users believe that this small program is valuable, they decided to go with, rather than a completely fresh mentality. Next, the small program can attract users is its product value."

on-line for more than a month, the performance of small programs below the expectations of most people.

had to be considered from the people can not see the sun go to the industry is now a lot of people yearning for SOHO work at home, in China passed through many years, a number of industry professionals engaged in Wangzhuan the earliest now has become the Internet elite. As 51 chairman Pang Shengdong 99 years engaged in foreign Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, do earn first pot of gold, then started to build 51, now has become the second Chinese SNS website, the first to become Chinese Wangzhuan billionaire

According to the

on the line at the beginning of the day, traffic is really great, there are so many people in the early adopters." Fan Huaiyu said, observing the early users of the data found that users are trying to click on the page, showing exploratory behavior.

can become Wangzhuan elite, whether it is the lowest level of the click, surfing Wangzhuan hand or to toil, advertising for a living middle Wangzhuan webmaster, actually we are in for the wedding dress for others. We have the right to make decisions in other people’s hands, especially in China, the Internet laws and regulations are not yet perfect, and now, the union buckle your money, what do you do, I told you no way. So I want to do Wangzhuan for their lifelong career friends, your way is to give the final. Network business is a very broad concept, just as its name suggests is online businessman, it is to do business on the net. Now, Taobao, Alibaba and so on are the concentration of business networks, but most of these places are transformed from traditional businessmen. And we do Wangzhuan into other network operators have our advantage, the biggest advantage of our own flow. We have our own traffic, sell their products, it is equivalent to we have our own store. Before we own the flow of advertising, and the other is to help others sell. Now to help yourself, are you more comfortable and make more money?. We won’t go to see the traffic statistics every day. How much is the union account?.

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