Love is a server snapshots for Shanghai to blame

7.14 when I sit, because Google ranking dropped. So called Liu ya, with her QQ. The phone sounds so haggard Liu sub ah, then have a look at other people’s blog that sleep a night, is to host. (here I really despise what Pangu host, after we don’t buy his host, the old customer service service. After the addition of QQ) asked him to give me a new dress.

second days (7.12), and the last second days and the last blog cannot access the morning when I was a little uncomfortable, as I know the address is Shanghai dragon cannot access is very influential for ranking. The morning I went to the company ranked query when found, did not fall but there are several rankings of several, love Shanghai for good rankings in front of the weight of the high site is very good. To find the service again, he said as soon as possible to deal with, there is little improvement. At that time, I wanted to be sure is what happened at the end of the day, so I can solve what time. He said that it should be resolved today, what should be called? There is definitely ah, has been delayed to third days.

third days (7.13), the last day of the blog can not access. Early in the morning to the company to the customer service consulting the host family, I could not stand the inquiry, put a URL to me. The link above is a sub Liu a letter to the host client, after I know what happened. Here is not detailed, but still very sympathetic to Liu sub situation, also did not say what has been the hope that they can be resolved as soon as possible.

didn’t want to record it, buy a foreign host. Just at that time my girlfriend and Liu sub fairly familiar with, he bought her the host. At the beginning of really good, then also a little problem, but find her soon after settlement. A host of vendors Liu sub is very good, but the incident did hurt the reputation, even hurt the oil station. This blog is just a little improvement in ranking, only a little over a week, you have this thing, I can only Speechless. Here briefly after the event.

these days the couple Shanghai dragon’s residence in 7.10 were injured in the sinews or bones, the snapshot is a server, blame ah. Careful friends may find the station yesterday before three days are not accessible, many of my friends asked me why? I can only face smiling at me said: "the adjustment in the server room." But ‘adjust’ is 3 days, we hit big enough. In fact, egg in the day before yesterday, is the last day of 3 days can not access the server know what happened, it is Speechless.


the first day (7.11), the first day of the blog can’t visit, I found the whole host to customer service, customer service and I said good night to adjust the room, estimate. At that time, not too much, because before a long time unable to access the situation. So the patience to wait until the evening, found a blog or not visit, then find a customer service, he gave me a reply as soon as possible fix.

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