Lu Cong Shanghai dragon martial arts drama of website content


two men withdrew to their main fact, shut the door at the door waiting for life, small food, food and wine on the set.

a beautiful but full of dangers in the afternoon, long for Wang Changle and clan forces such as the short passage about about negotiations with the blessing inn. The shopkeeper Tong talk into the rooms upstairs.

OK, today Shanghai dragon drama group was formally established, then today’s first act is the story of the construction of website. This is where the significance of drama, the director will be in play with you finally said that the audience. Carefully watching this drama is pretty good yo.


the Shanghai dragon drama website content construction began

Changle said: Well you knife, thanks to master to you by words, may have thought now, you betrayed his legacy, cast short under the door, let you in the lower master too much to handle.

Changle angrily: for a Shanghai dragon website only long, have short line effect in the world, if it hadn’t been for you what is today the mutiny door, I want to help the long passage, help early the best in all the land.

knife smiles: brothers must not worry, we might sit down and point a few dishes, drinking and chatting.

since entering the Central Plains of Shanghai dragon, it caused a catastrophe ordeal, the hero of countless martial arts the essence of war with each other, the dispute is a murky sky over a dark earth. With the gradual development of Shanghai Longfeng Central Plains, rivers and lakes has gradually formed a long article to help with the essay to help the two factions led by. Since the establishment of the two major sects, for Shanghai Longfeng paper is short and the long debated each other casualties. After consultations between the two sides by two to help owners sit down and negotiate.

knife and said: brother, master’s wish is to carry forward the Shanghai dragon in the Central Plains, with what method for the construction of website, Yudi that short is better than building a long article, why not

makes a drink of wine, said: today the world as long as the Shanghai dragon carry forward, based on the Central Plains, why should I want to stick to the form of the passage for now in the political arena and also help you long on an equal footing. As the future of the essay to help you not lose it for long.

Changle put down the sword seated: comin brothers want to have a happy, Shanghai dragon website content is too short to be a long break.

knife has been felt weird, ferial brutal >

then knife pour a cup of wine, said: Yuxiong today, not to quarrel, only to come up with a good way to make the development of Shanghai dragon, and let us to the development of the two gangs. Ha ha ha, brother how


Changle while eating, while listening to the short words, thought: "Shanghai dragon in the Central Plains began a long article to help me made distinctions won in battle, now the world disputes, as only a king". Said this, Changle can not help falling out of a smile as the corners of the mouth.

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