Net net action to Shanghai Longfeng positions continue to fall

net of Shanghai dragon

in my opinion, the white hat Shanghai dragon, there are three main points: content, channels and mechanisms. Content since Needless to say, the chain for the emperor, content is king, to sum up in a word, the content of importance is self-evident. The channel is also platform to publish content to what channel is high weight website or low weight website, forum or news source, different levels of the platform, the effect of different Shanghai dragon. Need to explain a mechanism. Shanghai dragon in China after ten years of development, has formed a chain, in this chain, was responsible for content creation, is responsible for the content (chain) release, was responsible for the assessment, was responsible for the site code optimization, was responsible for the platform construction, even the people in the intermediary and the node of the industrial chain, how this chain can link up? This is the mechanism. In simple terms, is of interest.

Although the

title of the first half of the sentence is "net net", but we put aside the first half of the sentence, said first Shanghai dragon.

explain the three points of the Shanghai dragon, we again said that net.

this round began in April 2014, according to official reports, will end in November this year. Net this round with the past numerous net is different, we can find a map from the net in. Coincidence three points this route map coincided with Shanghai Longfeng work. The first is the fight against Internet rumors, including the Qin fire fire, Xue Manzi and a number of opinion leaders, who is undoubtedly the content creator, in the course of training the source, though a number of rumors website and illegal websites were shut down and demanded rectification. Subsequently, the net network will spearhead the platform, which affect the transformation of large events such as the Shanghai love video, Nora feel fine, this is the platform of governance. Cut off the source of content, shut down illegal platform can play, although the "net" effect, but as long as the net intensity decreased, content and the new platform will spring, so the net net special action mechanism, to cut off from the Internet to spread false content production to deliver such a industrial chain. This is the recent hit "the basic logic of paid news report", two sets of CCTV stem, which were arrested.



comb through the above, the discerning eye can see, net net action almost recruit key positions to Shanghai dragon. Although there are some deviations, such as the fight against Internet rumors is mainly carried out in micro-blog, but the Shanghai dragon is almost the birthplace of commercial rumors; another example is mainly aimed at the regulation platform video platform, but also have the necessary regulation text platform, and this platform is the main channel of Shanghai Longfeng; for example, also cut off the industrial chain, mainly for the television news website, but Gao Quanzhong has almost become one and television. So, the net net is ignored for Shanghai dragon, especially after effects.


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