Love the sea invited experts to prepare medical terms prohibit ordinary users to modify


people in daily life as the body of unknown symptoms, will be the first time to retrieve information related diseases through the network, understand the content of etiology, symptoms, treatment and prognosis of the disease, and the information on the Internet is not authoritative, confusion, slow updates, light is misleading users, while delaying the disease. While the strategic cooperation, love Shanghai is to solve this problem.

Times News (reporter Li Bin) yesterday, love Shanghai and the national health and Family Planning Commission, Medical Encyclopedia project clinicians science network, China Academy of medical science and Health Science Research Center reached a strategic cooperation, the authority will organize the academician of the well-known three hospitals and hundreds of experts, jointly compiled love Shanghai disease encyclopedia entries, help users through the love of Shanghai search get authoritative medical information.


it is understood that love Shanghai has the first line including type I and type II diabetes and lumbar disc herniation, lung cancer, breast cancer, human infection with avian influenza, more than 1000 common diseases of entry, and completed more than 10000 kinds of diseases in the second half of this year the compilation of entry audit work. Now, when users in Shanghai love to search such as "the name of acute myocardial infarction and other diseases, can be seen by the experts in the field of compiling certified Wikipedia entry. In addition to these items include disease definition, and the symptoms of the disease, etiology, treatment and prevention of complications, and other relevant information, users can in the medical treatment, to understand the condition of medical treatment, effective guidance.

love Shanghai yesterday also revealed that Shanghai has banned the entry of love medical ordinary users to modify, in order to ensure the authority of the professional medical terms.

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