The winter will be over the webmaster can spring be far behind

what love the future, Shanghai will certainly develop original recognition technology and nobility baby comparable algorithm rules.

3, website rating and chain query tools to open

to the benign development of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai certainly will develop to love chain query and website rating tools, with optimization guide to love Shanghai we have more direction on the site to make a reasonable optimization. Noble baby PR algorithm will be love Shanghai for reference, are likely to develop a website similar to PR guide.


web site experience is very good; but for some large sites without awareness of copyright, almost do not give the original source of the content of URL. So for the original of this piece will be a love of Shanghai to solve the.

overall now love Shanghai to improve the website quality on the one hand.

before the Shanghai dragon ER made the following experiment in the content of the article contains a release time will affect the snapshot time love Shanghai index. The most fundamental reason I think it should be a kind of protective measures is to love Shanghai for original content. But simply to point in time to distinguish between the original method and not a very good algorithm, so the final love Shanghai or cancel this algorithm.

4, link stack ranking algorithm decreased the proportion of

2, respect and protection of the original

‘s webmaster life is dark, K K drop down. Shanghai love the winter freeze, a large head. The love of Shanghai K station is the topic of the city, as long as it is and whether it is related to webmaster forums or Q group in discussing this problem, more serious and even love Shanghai love Shanghai click event. This official also made a final statement, expressing a meaning, which is a series of comic effect algorithm the rules of upgrade caused. From a series of actions to love Shanghai, is actually a benign development to the internet.

contentBut although the

winter will soon be over, spring is not far away from us. For the love of Shanghai upgrade algorithm predicted the following ideas:

1, love Shanghai pay more attention to the experience of accessing the excellent website

and love Shanghai algorithm were compared before the upgrade. Through a large number of previous one-way links can improve enough to buy keywords in the search engine rankings, since after the update, the algorithm has not been canceled, but now affects Links for ranking proportion of the decline in the proportion of.

algorithm after the upgrade is most portal site rankings, but the most fundamental reason individual station ranking plummeted to love Shanghai from a starting point to consider is that relative to the big portals or vertical sites, they have to stand more stable server, content integration more and more simple and intuitive to provide better experience to the user. So the ranking is not unreasonable.

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