How to detect the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

webmaster, best to develop good habits and use a EXCEL table carefully record you need to detect keywords, and then regularly (weekly or monthly) to check their rankings, so down the webmaster can develop on their own websites have a more complete and image understanding.


in the process of website optimization, in addition to the internal optimization and the construction of the chain, in fact, there is a very important job is often missed by everyone, that is the effect of detection. If the Shanghai dragon optimization as a "deal" if so, effect detection is equivalent to see the search engine is how to "trick". Just see the search engine to give you the reaction operation, is very helpful to optimize the measures for further improvement. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss how to detect the effect of effective website optimization. From the big direction, Shanghai dragon optimization effect detection can be divided into the following parts: detection, detection, ranking included chain detection and conversion rate detection.

chain number is Shanghai dragon optimization is an important part of the effect, we need to detect the front page chain number, the total number of sites outside the chain, the chain page features. In general, YAHOO tool for chain queries to be more accurate, but also good Open Site Explorer.

two included: the detection of

to complete a period of time in the optimization operation, in order to fully understand the work of the achievements, we should rank systematic detection of keywords. In addition to detect the target page keywords ranking, we also detected keywords typical classification page target keywords and typical end products or the article page.


now do Shanghai dragon have a misunderstanding, that is the ultimate purpose of keyword ranking. In fact, to the enterprise, the ranking of words can be considered only "process", resulting in the increase in business volume is the ultimate goal, so we pay attention to the conversion rate of detection is very necessary in the work process. The webmaster can create a table that records of different period site visiting and business flow singular comparison chart. If >

four: the conversion rate of detection of

total number included roughly indicates your site search engine popularity, reflects the overall operation of health website. The number of pages included features reflect the optimization of your website pages, to a certain extent that you do in the long tail keywords are working to effect. The classification of the page number included can let you on the website of different parts of an overall grasp, but later given targeted measures.

: detection of

three: the chain detection


collection is mainly used to detect the following three aspects: the total number of pages included, features included the number and the number of pages included the classification.

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