Beautiful article publishing so you pocketed the impression

In order to clear the

is really very difficult to grasp, see my article written, has 1500 words, so the words you master, not too seriously.

at the beginning of this article with the abstract, let everyone know this article you are what, readers have no interest in reading, the reader has no use, can through the resolution, so the user can increase the degree of friendship. My blog is basically Chunjie process are added to the all of the articles, the content of this article is summarized, in order to increase the degree of reader friendly.

add to the abstract

is a pretty reasonable article publishing show in front of you, as a beautiful woman appeared in front of you, your first impression is certainly very good, let you have the desire to read. What is more reasonable, more beautiful layout


this paper and share how to do a beautiful article publishing, mainly from the 500 words is the best, add to the abstract, this paper structured to make it clear, as far as possible by mixed, determine the reasonable spacing kerning and select the appropriate font to give you a narrative, I hope useful for everyone.

500 word article < >

point to open his own previous articles, open the page, feeling a lot, today here I mainly talk about the article typesetting experience.


is the best

this paper is divided into several parts, what are the contents of each part, plus a small title, so the content at a glance, you can read interesting part according to their own preferences, here there is a method to his own blog and the list method can attribute reference wordpress blog post title format settings, to guide the readers better.

The word

in the fast-food culture era, what are required to quickly become a WeChat mail SMS, SMS; blog into micro-blog, become more and more light Bo; the title of the party, of course, I have to admit I was the title of the party, so there is no reason to require the reader to read your long on, because we all have no time, dizzying information rushed to the front, we have to do is to share, share, reprint reprint, what we read is not much, so, we must reasonably grasp the length.

about 500 words. The more appropriate, which not only can clearly say a little problem, but no calls for a long time, a lot of articles in my blog before, as the former director of Zhongyuan Oilfield Liu Jinxin’s "retirement" speech is very long, although I had four pages, but according to the your response, who reads the real little, because this article has nearly ten thousand words, even if I mark key, but we still do not have a strong desire to read it.

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