Huang fish migratory season on Qinghai Lake on the first day of the Blitz attracted wonderful live

6 8, CCTV "on the Qinghai Lake" large migratory season Huangshui fish live program was officially launched on 10. The audience from all sides with helicopter aerial shot of the Qinghai Lake, the bird flew diving, wonderful picture of vitality, Huang fish migratory wonders once again set off a hot concern in all aspects.

is Gangcha county work Tang Xinxiu said, live a wonderful picture show line Buha River, hallgeir River and other places, let me stay at home and enjoy the magic of different landscape basin. Especially, in the Buha River on the river fish gull predation Huang fish spectacle, Huang fish kiss underwater shots of the moving moments, let us surprise.

day at 16:30, in the Gangcha County Beach Holiday Hotel Tourist Li Xia, background video watching TV screen in Qinghai lake bird symbiosis said, the real is the gift of nature, Qinghai Lake 360 degrees of appreciation of beauty is everywhere, exciting content in the program to bring people more is a spiritual feast.

it is understood that in recent days, the size of Gangcha County hotel occupancy surge, reaching more than 90%. CCTV "on the Qinghai Lake" Huang fish migratory season live, let this small town tourism summer temperature heat up ahead of time. Seaside holiday hotel manager Ma said: "the CCTV broadcast Huang fish migration, led the county tourism industry, even our hotel every day is full, do this business more confident."

last year, seen the CCTV live broadcasts of the Tianjin Huang fish migratory tourist Li Hongyan, for a glimpse of Huang fish migratory spectacle, early this year is the day came to Qinghai lake, although seen on TV, but she want to have zero distance to see, at any time to take some share their beauties and friends.

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in Shaliu River Estuary to CCTV reporter Jiang Lin, for the first time this year to wear the high-tech Huang fish Huangshui fish migration tracking "beacon", has been wearing yellow beacon classmates have embarked on the road of migration. Tomorrow will be in the form of aerial CCTV, "Huang fish reincarnation", "search four sheep" and other animal stories, show Huang fish migration and changes of Qinghai Lake wetland scenery.


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