As of the end of November second hand housing transaction tax revenue exceeded twenty million yuan i

December 17th, the Xining real estate transaction management trading hall, packed with second-hand housing transactions to come to the public, some of them in the form, some in consultation. Since this year, Xining second-hand housing market is very hot, as of the end of November, second-hand housing transaction tax revenue exceeded twenty million yuan in Xining city.

With the accelerated pace of urbanization, the gradual improvement of the living standard of the residents and the promotion of the concept of consumption, people’s demand for commercial housing and second-hand housing continues to grow.

. Real estate market supply and demand this year, Xining real estate tax revenue increased significantly, while the operating surface of the transfer of more second-hand housing transaction volume increased so that second-hand housing transaction tax in Xining exceeded twenty million yuan.

reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, at present, the second-hand housing transaction center tax window received a total of 6578 secondary housing sales tax exempt from the amount of $38 million 20 thousand. As of November 17th, Xining second-hand housing transaction tax has been levied 20 million 120 thousand yuan, of which business tax of $14 million 40 thousand, personal income tax of $3 million 450 thousand, stamp duty of $950 thousand.

December 9th, the executive meeting of the State Council put forward the transfer of personal housing business tax exemption period from two years to five years, other taxes and fees, loan policies continue to implement. This policy makes many preferential policies to catch the "last train" people rush for second-hand housing transactions in the business tax adjustment so that second-hand housing market appears "the crazy" phenomenon.


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