2015 Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival on August Opening Banquet activities colorful

2015 Qinghai cultural tourism festival will be held on August 12th, at that time, China and South Korea border Theme Party Cultural Festival, Qinghai national song and dance performances, art performances, Qinghai Province group "flowers" to traditional music performances and other colorful cultural tourism activities will showcase.

exhibition held in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, the A museum is a cultural exhibition hall, exhibition hall B is broadcasting and sports exhibition, C Museum of Qinghai stone culture expo. Among them, the A Museum and cultural exhibition, folk art exhibition tour including Qinghai, the production of protection exhibition of intangible cultural heritage in Qinghai Province, Qinghai Silk Road along the historical and cultural heritage exhibition, Qinghai local characteristics of fine books, audio and video, animation exhibition, Qinghai folk art, sculpture painting art exhibition. And has a joint exhibition outside the province and the national outreach area, the first organized by the Korean cultural and artistic exhibition along the Silk Road National Art exhibition.

performances is 2015 Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival highlights will be staged Cultural Tourism Festival theme party "beautiful Qinghai · theater in Qinghai; the Silk Road light", the party by China Oriental performing arts group stage director, committee director Liu Jiang served as director of art. "South Korea – South Korea border culture festival Art Troupe performances" will be staged in Qinghai Grand Theatre, invited the famous Korean Taekwondo troupe, cookin show troupe and provincial art troupes perform, show the cultural essence of China and South korea.


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