How do you see the incident in Yunnan

the beauty of Yunnan, so many people love to love the natural scenery here, but before and after the Spring Festival, the incident happened in Lishui, Yunnan’s tourism industry lost its glory, hope the government of Yunnan province to the rectification of the local cultural tourism market, the tourism market as soon as possible to restore prosperity. People can be assured with the tour, to stop the incident.

* * * * how beautiful? Beauty to spicy eyes"! You see, in February 20th, with the opening of China: the charm of the world of Yunnan as the theme of the global promotion activities in Yunnan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held in the blue room, beautiful food readily available. Foreign minister Wang Yi and Yunnan provincial Party Secretary Moses Chan, governor Ruan Chengfa to the global promotion of yunnan.

* * * * how many people love, become a tourist resort of choice? Reporter did not investigate. But every year on vacation, there are always colleagues or friends to Yunnan, and even colleagues to go two times a year! Yunnan is really far away from Beijing, tickets are really expensive! Especially during the summer vacation, basically no discount.

tourism is Yunnan’s most bright signs, but in addition to the "cheap travel" forced shopping triggered Tucao, the recent frequent exposed hit tourists and other negative news, also pulled down the overall image of Yunnan. For the recent incident, there are many people in Yunnan have the "image" indignant: Boil well, but from time to time to fall into the "rat shit", a tragedy!

but a lot of foreign tourists do not see this, because it is too difficult to swallow! Beatings involving personal safety, negative impact."


incident, has brought people uneasy, so many want to go to Yunnan Lishui tourism buddy have abandoned the trip to Yunnan, the Yunnan tourism economy, but also a great loss, let people lost in Yunnan’s favor, in short is not worth it, for the treatment of the incident that need to play the role of warning, let more qualified operators do business, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

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