Expansion of the central square in the North during the year after the completion of the project to

Xining City Plaza North expansion project demolition work since May 2011, so far, the demolition of the total task has been completed more than 90%, the Central Plaza North expansion project will be launched during the year. The near future, touch the sky skyscrapers, waterfront park surrounded by blue, functional cultural activity center will be presented in front of the public. This reporter learned from the two sessions in Xining.

Central Plaza North expansion project is the key construction projects in Xining. The transformation of the region east of the whole Central Plaza mutual lane, West to the Nanchuan River, north of the 71 bridge, South to the central square, is the center of Xining city commercial center of the cross frame, planning a total area of about 17.4 hectares. The project will be two axis, three corridors, four pieces of functional structure to transform. Two, respectively, riverside landscape axis along the Nanchuan River and along the Yangtze River Road, the city function development axis; the three corridor space, visual corridor between three contact waterfront leisure area and other functional blocks; four pieces, including the riverside area, leisure area, comprehensive public financial cultural trade comprehensive area, office area The Commercial Hotel. Within the scope of the transformation of the original residents in different places to achieve the "sparse" urban construction goals. After the transformation, the central square area will be nearly doubled.

traffic as a key North expansion project, will open to Datong Xing Hai Lu street, 54 street to Jiefang Road east-west traffic roads, make the transition between city district and west district traffic more convenient, thus alleviate the traffic pressure on the surrounding West Street, 71 road. At the same time, through the adjustment of the road section and the direction of the vehicle and the construction of underground roads or overpass, etc., to improve the traffic situation in the central square area, to achieve traffic flow, flow of people. (author: Wu Yachun)

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