North of Xining City the first home of a new model of community care

recently, along with the bridge community home care service station put into use, community home care service area north of the city officially launched the pilot work on the bridge, the new bridge community community and Mao Sheng Temple community, which means that the elderly in Chengbei district can enjoy the professional service of the old-age home, new pension model between this range of family pension and the pension agency, will solve the problem of traditional home-based care services is insufficient.

reporter learned that this new type of community home-based care services for living in the area over the age of 60, home care needs of the elderly, the key is "three noes" (five households), subsistence allowances, allowances, living alone, empty nest, age, disability, semi disabled and other services over the age of 60 weeks the old man, which is based on community, with professional services for the integration of community services rely on resources, provide housekeeping services for elderly people living at home, life care agency affairs, calling, solve the buffet, to help clean, help doctors and other services, to enable the elderly life and medical care, learning and teaching and for and enjoy.

according to the different circumstances of the elderly, respectively, to provide free services and paid services. Free service object to the government to purchase services. According to the demand of the elderly, provided by domestic companies and community services, to determine the monthly service project for the elderly, the cost borne by the government subsidies directly to domestic companies, the main service object includes over 70 years of age, life can not take care of themselves and their children in the city without care of subsistence, focus groups, "three" (five), the elderly disabled elderly, home care needs of the elderly. Paid service object is to have the economic capacity, the need for day care, home care or home care services for the elderly, in the form of their own expense to buy home care services.

Director of

North District Civil Affairs Bureau Gou Fujun said, from the community home endowment service object, service content, service mode and tries to explore home care work methods, to gradually promote the success of the experience of the community home care services, in addition to the government to pay part, the implementation of market-oriented operation. (author: Dawn)

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