FRST lit summer city people viewing enthusiasm

"This is a dialogue about the peak of the film, but also a high level of culture, art, film. And the place where all this happens, just in the beautiful cool Xining, gratifying, but also enough to make people proud of Xining, which is precisely the charm of the city of Xining and the perfect fusion of the film show." July 25th, just finished watching Takeshi, dragon three and the loss of the seven partners, the people of Zhang Kun, told reporters.

with the ninth session of the Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival in hot summer, people viewing the passion was ignited again, Liu said of the film fancier movie show: "these films technically not sophisticated, thinking about some of the film is simple, but it is important that you can see these movies is really trying to explain the world, to touch the real pain in their lives, people can feel the complexity of life." "This is a film festival that really belongs to us in Xining, we don’t need to admire other city movie show, we also have the opportunity to close contact with the idol, heard that Huang Bo will come, I’ll go to see my idol." Xiao Li told reporters.

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