New LED station section card debut provincial bus no longer have to worry about sitting over the sta

Many people in the bus, always because of the excessive noise inside the car, can not hear the sound of the station station reported. And the site of the car because the information can not be clear direction or position at that time, and became a decoration. Now, a new type of electronic station section card officially unveiled 1 bus and bus No. 25. With it, passengers no longer have to worry about the station.It is reported that the

, put into use in the electronic station section card LED internal light source, can clearly display the vehicle route and to arrive at the site by GPS and stops synchronous positioning. Has been the site of the red light will be lit, the red light will stop at the bottom of the site will not stop flashing, not to the bottom of the site does not light.How do you know

the station section card concise and easy to understand, can clearly identify the vehicle driving route and station information at night, passengers can see at any time. In the future, Xining city bus group will gradually promote this new station card.  

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