Huangzhong launched 31 theme activities to promote national unity and progress in advanced areas

organized activities to create a volunteer service team, the establishment of national unity, carry out gratitude activities launched 31 series of theme practice activities in Huangzhong, promote the advanced areas to create national unity and progress of work.

the 31 theme series of activities including: the practice of Party members and cadres at all levels of the organization to carry out research, in-depth rural communities, monasteries, schools, extensive consultation with the work of national unity "golden ideas"; issued on the content of national policy theory, ethnic and religious laws and regulations and other promotional materials, production of special TV program, showing some full national the unity of the new rural construction and other excellent films, in order to carry out the speech contest, Zhishijingda and other forms of national unity and progress and competition activities, intensify the work to create the propaganda; leading cadres take the lead deep into the grassroots and visit minority households, they take the initiative to understand the difficulties and needs, actively carry out the work of helping, and through the "sunshine project", "rain plan" training, increase employment opportunities for farmers; earnestly implement the various contradictions and disputes To resolve the mechanism of the formation of the formation of volunteer service team, in-depth rural, residential, schools, temples, enterprises and other places to create publicity and education activities, organized by the legal workers to carry out activities such as compulsory rights.

at the same time, Huangzhong county also set up a national unity house, built between the people of all ethnic groups to communicate, convenient service platform, to create a perfect working mechanism, achieve organizational leadership, personnel, organization, plan, funding and system implementation of "six", to increase the building work carried out supervision and assessment activities, enhance the ethnic the common prosperity and development of affinity, improve leadership construction, promoting economic development and maintaining social stability.


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