Create a national unity and progress in the Western District of the city played a new national unity

West District of Xining City, is a multi-ethnic city, a total of more than 24.6 people in the region, there are Han, Hui, Tibetan, Tu, Mongolian and other ethnic groups of 34. Among them, more than 2.6 ethnic minorities, accounting for the region’s population of 10.6%. Over the years, the brothers and sisters of all ethnic groups love each other, solidarity and mutual assistance, and jointly write a new chapter in the prosperity and development of the western region. October 22nd, west district health system of national unity and progress in advanced areas to create a mobilization meeting held, marking the west area of national unity and progress in advanced areas to create work into the hospital activities in full swing. In this piece of land on the west side of the city, the brothers and sisters will join hands to create a better life.

standardized management to ensure medical safety measures in place

Xining West will strengthen risk management and ensure patient safety in an important position, strengthen the basic link and end quality management, from the basics, start from the details of each service link. We will strengthen the standardization and scientific management of key departments and key departments, and implement the measures for the administration of the marks of medical practitioners’ bad practices. By warning education, learn lessons, reduce the occurrence of adverse medical events. Simplify workflow, improve work efficiency

will serve the content, conditions, procedures, time limits, as well as charges and other matters, regular public commitment to the community, increase transparency, and consciously accept social supervision. In accordance with the requirements of fast, simple procedures, services to optimize the requirements, to further simplify procedures, improve service efficiency. And asked the staff to take the initiative for the masses to solve difficulties, shorten the work time, to complete the procedures, can immediately do, do not immediately to the limit, incomplete procedures should be disposable informed, not in conformity with the provisions, not for that reason, at the same time to further shorten the transfer time for approval so, tonight on everything, don’t drag pressure.

improve work style, provide quality service

west district service window will actively innovation communication, encourage cadres and workers to learn minority languages, understand ethnic minorities living habits, build healthy communication, two-way interaction, the implementation of "ask for people to ask for the people, asked the performance to the people, smooth channels of public opinion, to solicit the opinions of the masses; enhance awareness the work of their own shortcomings and gaps, establish pragmatic style; will provide warm service, refine the service measures, use medical units to guide clinictaiwan and civilized tips signs, service manuals and other service facilities, civilized service, increase the minority language tips sign. Conditional medical institutions, the establishment of a national service desk or service room, according to the needs of ethnic minorities, and actively promote the Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian medicine. Create a 15 minute service circle

in the progress of national unity and progress in the creation of the work, West District vigorously implement the project for the people, and strive to enhance the well-being of the people of all ethnic groups in the region to share the results of reform and development. Will accelerate the electronic medical record as the core of the society;

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