Learning through the spirit of the eighteen harmonious community line the successful conclusion

December 8th, in front of the stadium in Xining, flags fluttering, laughter. Sponsored by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Qinghai daily news, the Western Metropolis Daily hosted the eighteen spirit of learning through the · harmonious community line, held here in the fifth events. In a piece of joy, the "learning through the spirit of the eighteen · harmonious community line" activities also painted a full stop.

on the same day, the neighborhood offices and community programs elected Xining city community residents to feast their eyes, singing, laughter, accompanied by applause, immersed in the joy of community residents. In the activities of the office of Qinghai, Ma Decoction of 100 families in the city in Xining city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau poor sanitation workers donated warm materials. It is understood that this event was supported by the Xining Street offices and communities, the activities of participating personnel up to more than and 300 people. "This event fully embodies the" big community "were stationed in the building, and all participating in the program are Zibianziyan, reflect the community residents in recent years changes in cultural life development, fully express the joy of community residents." Xiguan Street Party committee secretary Zhao Haitao said that the activities for community residents to provide a stage to display their own, enjoy a positive and healthy life, to meet people’s spiritual and cultural needs of community residents, to a positive role for building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai.

" learn the spirit of the eighteen · harmonious community " activities, designed to promote the study and implementation of the party’s spirit of the spirit of the rich, the community’s spiritual and cultural life of the community. Activities since the start of November 4th, which lasted more than a month, held a total of 5 games rich theatrical performances, not only to create a strong cultural atmosphere in the community, but also enrich the cultural life of the masses of people, praised by the community residents. " activities, by moving people to the content, in order to attract people, to impress people, in the community to create a civilized, unity, a good atmosphere of jubilation. ", said Yuan Chen, director of the South meteorological Lane community, the main theme of building a harmonious and civilized community.


event organizers responsible person, " " harmonious community; through activities, send joy, send health, legal services, and send warmth etc., the spirit of publicity to study and implement the party’s eighteen, to create a harmonious social atmosphere. (author: Li Yuejuan)

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