Clean up unreasonable charges for enterprise burden

Recently, the province on the development of the province in 2014 to reduce the burden on the work of the company’s views, will be through special clean-up related departments of administrative fees and other aspects of the ten aspects of the charges, and effectively reduce the burden on enterprises. It is reported that the burden for the enterprise to special clean-up illegal fees, reduce some fees as the focus, comprehensive clean standardize various charges related matters, effectively reduce the burden on enterprises, stimulate the vitality of the market, to create a good environment. Specifically: special clean-up related departments of administrative fees, focus on cleaning up the country has been cancelled but the relevant departments still collect fees, avoid duplicate charges; special treatment of illegal charges on regional custom, such as the surrounding agricultural and pastoral areas to support the development of new rural construction funds, funds and other illegal charges; special governance of the banking institutions unreasonable charges according to the project, key management fees, loan companies reflect the settlement discipline such as special treatment; highway unreasonable fees, reduce the cost of highway transportation enterprises to implement the policy, in conjunction with the relevant departments to study and put forward to cancel part of highway toll stations, or reduce fees of opinion; special governance intermediary institutions unreasonable charges for the enterprise and Industry Association all kinds of appraisal standards activities, as well as a variety of assessments and sponsorship fees; focus on cleaning up and Administration Functions of various intermediary services charges. It also includes temporary exemption from some industries primary mineral resources compensation fees, slow (minus) to pay the electricity sector charges and reduce some fees, the railway sector to reduce the risk of lightning disaster assessment standards of the meteorological department.  

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