How to make good use of provident fund

recently, with the increase in the maximum amount of provident fund loans and the introduction of a series of convenience measures related to the provident fund loans, provident fund and its loans by the general public’s attention. September 24th, the reporter on the commercial housing and second-hand housing provident fund loans related policies and public concern housing renovation can apply for provident fund loans and other issues, interviewed the Xining housing fund management center.

[public policy]

asked: the purchase of commercial housing and second-hand housing provident fund loans for housing can enjoy what policies?

two Q: how long will the public to pay the provident fund can apply for loans, provident fund loans need what kind of procedures, the loan period?

three Q: what kind of circumstances can also be extracted provident fund?

[reporter survey]

reporter found in the survey, in fact, the general public especially the fund to pay workers for provident fund lending policies is not well known, many fund to pay loans to provident fund extraction and more confused. For example, Mr. Lee did not buy a house for the public provident fund loans, commercial loans choice, but he has been in the payment of provident fund, whether the fund can be extracted for the month to his confusion; again, workers in the purchase of owner occupied housing, in the extraction of my account, what kind of situation can also apply for housing provident fund loans also, many people pay more attention to; in addition, such as for the purchase of the first suite, second-hand housing provident fund loans Shoufu many, whether can extract other fund between parents and children, the public is more concerned.

[Department answer]

solution: Xining housing provident fund management center

answer a: workers can enjoy preferential policies

normal housing fund to pay workers in the purchase of commercial housing and second-hand housing, in the extraction of housing provident fund balance in my account for payment and deposit amount retained for one year, also can apply for the loan fund. At present, the provident fund loan interest rate of 5 years is less than 4%, more than 5 years of 4.5%.

recently in order to solve the difficulties of housing workers housing provident fund deposit base, my city in the maximum amount of housing provident fund loans from 400 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan, has launched a series of convenience measures:

cancel the housing provident fund loans notary link, reducing the pressure on staff loans, shorten the loan processing time.

unilateral and the two sides paid the highest amount of loan applications consistent. Workers in the purchase of 90 square meters of housing, the first payment ratio of 20%, the loan amount of up to $80% to buy more than 90 square meters of housing down payment ratio of 30%, the loan amount of $70%.

new employees to participate in the work of the deposit, the unit where the normal deposit for one year, individuals only need to deposit more than six months, you can apply for provident fund loans.


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