50 projects to promote the smooth flow of investment in Xining during the year to invest two hundred

began in 2013, what is the fastest means of transport? The answer is public transport. February 5th, the reporter learned from the Xining traffic work conference, this year, Xining will update more than and 600 buses, a one-time completion of the provincial capital of the bus replacement. At the same time, the facilities designated bus lanes, traffic monitoring, formation of bus special road network and ensure bus priority, improve the carrying capacity of the public service level, to encourage more people to travel by public transport.

this year, a total of 11 types of traffic engineering projects of nearly 50

2013, Xining city will continue to implement the smooth traffic project, the project covers the parking lot and hub station construction, road isolation, intersection channelization, pedestrian bridge, open up the broken road, delimit the traffic signs and traffic management, intelligent monitoring system, set the road cycle route optimization and update, small urban road vehicles traffic regulation, 11 categories, nearly 50 projects.

through the smooth implementation of traffic engineering, to maximize the smooth flow of facilities, enhance the urban traffic carrying capacity, and gradually solve the problem of urban traffic and travel needs of the node.

invested two hundred million yuan to update the old bus

it is understood that, as of the end of 2013, Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd. life of more than 8 years of vehicles up to 622 units. 2013, Xining plans to invest nearly two hundred million yuan, update the old buses, improve the level of public transport facilities and equipment, improve the comfort of public transport.

optimization of transit network to reduce repetition rate

provincial capital city existing 84 bus lines, bus lines repetition rate of more than 40%, through the public transportation network optimization, will reduce the bus line overlap to a great extent, solve the bus lines blind area, convenient for residents to travel, reduce the run length of the nonlinear coefficient and the line, can effectively relieve the road load.

set up a bus lane to implement intelligent bus dispatching

Xining vice mayor Xu said: "China should encourage more people to travel by public transport, the first bus to have their own characteristics, to" fast and convenient to reach, "."

this year, Xining city plans to delimit the bus line in Kunlun Road, Qaidam Road, Sea Lake Road, Ning Road and other main roads, forming the bus special road network and road in the limited resources, ensure bus priority, improve the carrying capacity of the public service level. In addition, the bus will be the implementation of intelligent traffic monitoring and management projects, the city’s public transport intelligent scheduling will be achieved through the rest of the bus line terminal equipment and the construction of electronic bus stop. (author: Liu Peng)

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