Blowing up the national unity in the downtown area

in order to promote the central national unity and progress to create a demonstration area, promote ethnic unity and progress, the city district government elaborate arrangements, earnestly organize the implementation, innovation activities, to create features highlights.

it is understood that the city is a multi-ethnic, multi religious coexistence of the city, where the population of 24 thousand and 700 people, there are back, Tibet, soil, Mongolia, Sala and other ethnic minorities, accounting for 29 of the total population of 8.3%. At the beginning of this year, the district proposed that "1+8+N" in the work of Party building, Party building the target responsibility assessment will create national unity and progress in the region into the demonstration area, and the organization, politics and law, discipline inspection, publicity and other work with the deployment, with the inspection, to create a task decomposition to implement unit and responsible person.

to promote national unity and progress of the work better in the region within the area in the Wangfujing department store, warehouse gate Street office, street culture, municipal government door 4 large LED electronic screen, and the main street street restaurant, shops, bank 48 small LED electronic screen scrolling slogan knowledge of ethnic and religious policies, further increase education face the masses. At present, the region down to create national unity and progress of the atmosphere like a warm breeze, warehouse gate Street office in Hongjue Temple Street propaganda wall was introduced and culture of various ethnic customs and other knowledge; the South Beach Branch will build labor road for national unity and legal demonstration street, unity and progress to text in the form of national publicity; Nanchuan Road offices and Shangri-La community to establish accounting minority population, making the national unity "and" love contact cards "neighbourhood watch card", to provide employment counseling for the community of minority people in urban medical, pension insurance and other services.

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