At the end of this month Xining night bus

This month, Xining city bus group plans to open 9 bus lines to adjust a, is expected by the end of the month, the public will be able to ride on the new bus.

– Open 48 Road, 62 Road, 64 Road, 65 Road, 66 road and 501 Road, night 502 Road, 503 Road, 504 Road, nine bus lines

29 stops: Wang Bin Bao Cun, New Energy Company, international times carpet production base, green New Energy Company, Nanchuan Industrial Park Administrative Committee, Xie village, Haining Road, the Yellow Sea bridge, the intersection, Chuangye Road north exit, in green junction, Huasheng Road, Lu Jia Zhai Nan Lu Lu Jia Zhai,, Zhai Bei, Nan Xiang, water mill, eighth middle school, prosperous alley and red (Qingyun group), Nanchuan Nanchuan District, shopping malls, bus martyrs cemetery, Nanchuan Park, Kiu, 61 East, Nanshan Road Xikou, Kunlun bridge, Center Plaza (North)

– New 62 – circular, line to Wangjiazhuang Road, Village Road, mutual Road, Huang Road, Bayi Road, main street, East Main Street, North Garden, 71 Road, Jianguo Road, Wangjiazhuang Road, 10 km one-way

25 stops: Wangjiazhuang, Zhu Jiaying, depot, railway, road, Huangzhong Zhuang village, North Bridge, Kangle, Kang Xi Road, Delingha Road, Yang Jia Xiang, Xining Mansion, east gate, North Street, a small Huang light, the provincial military, Guangji Road, the Armed Police Hospital, provincial hospital at the supermarket, 71, green road, Qinghai Tibet railway, train station square east, Wangjiazhuang Road, Wangjiazhuang

– Open 64 new road, route: Biological Park, two road, four road, Weiyi, the weft five road, two road, Tianjin Road, Chaoyang Road, bridge hospital, 9 km one-way

18 stops: Biological Park, Qinghai gelatin, after three northbound, Ning food group, after four, after four road intersection, four South Road, the first occupation technical school, traffic occupation technical school, Wanjia home garden, Tianjin Road, happy city district, North apricot, Zhang Lu, Shen Ning the middle school, North Bridge, bridge, bridge hospital

– Open 65 new road, route: Biological Park, by two road, Tianjin Road, Zhang Ning Road, Bridge Street, bridge hospital, one-way 7;

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