Experience disaster relief scene to help children in Xining special police temporary classes

6 month 17 days, Xining police station in Luoshui middle school, a SWAT tents, a special school. 12 students from various schools in Luoshui town become the special class of the first batch of students, Xining SWAT team Wang Ting is to give them a lesson about strong and United class.

came to the Xining police after 24 hours in Luoshui Town, patrolling the streets, they are imposing single police equipment, and style, gentle smile attracted local students attention, see handling cases, special police officers to stop the dispute, feel the stability of social order after the arrival of the police, they were full of fear and curiosity to swat. Swat and zero contact, so in the Xining police on duty when the players go, always keep up with a group of children.

Xining police learned of the situation, decided to build a tent, let have a holiday stay at home children walked into the camp, let them feel special life, communicate with each other, give them a psychological help. At the same time organizing their ball games on the sports course, release psychological pressure in the play. Although the daily sleep time is less than 5 hours, the SWAT team members decided to spend 2 hours a day, adhere to the classroom go on, but also to teach some knowledge of English, and the people together to greet the Olympic games.


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