3565 candidates to meet the most rigorous graduate examination

The reporter learned from Xining admissions in our province this year to enroll in the postgraduate examination candidates for the 3565 people, they will be in January 4th, 5 in Xining, twenty-two in the seven middle school, high school, School of Qinghai Tibet Railway Garden Hui 4  sites to participate in the examination.

this year, the province’s postgraduate examination for the following characteristics can be called the history of the most serious one’s deceased father grind: to participate in the exam must be carried out "ticket", the two generation "identity card". The certificate will be allowed to enter the examination room; the room for each of the candidates to prepare a set of questions for stationery (black handwriting neutral pen, 2B pencil, a triangular plate, a protractor, compasses, rubber, glue and knife), prohibited the candidates themselves carry stationery admission, after the end of the examination, candidates are not allowed to the examination room equipped with stationery take away; admission staff will use metal detectors to every candidate for security and use the ID card reader to authenticate the identity documents, candidates are not allowed to carry watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry and other metal items approach; candidates are not allowed to carry mobile phone, pager and all kinds of wireless communication tools or storage programming, and query function of electronic products approach; candidates are not allowed to bring any books, newspapers, paper, and correction fluid, correction tape and other items into the The test will be used in the examination room video surveillance and radio detection equipment for the examination room, once found violations of discipline, will seriously deal with the situation and inform the candidates unit.


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