Let the charm of Xining national network media service with Qi

In July 25th, the "2012 key national network media Qinghai OK to carry out into the summer Xining interview activity from across the 45 major network media reporter interview revealed by the unique charm of Xining praise.

on the day of the event, from across the 45 network media reporters in the "Pearl of the plateau" tower with changqiangduanbao and the hands of the notes in the development of Xining; Sheng Temple community in hair experience details create a national civilized city and community construction work; in the streets and lanes central square feel cool the climate of Xining people’s hospitality and summer’s unique understanding of local cultural tourism industry…… The summer of Xining unique folk customs, geography and modern city landscape construction to come to an interview with reporters very media admiration, we have said to the unique charm of Xining through the network publicity out, let more people understand here.


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