08 Xining water sector to invest more than three hundred million yuan to complete the implementation

2008, the Xining municipal water sector to complete the fixed assets investment of more than three hundred million yuan, the implementation of the more than and 80 projects to promote harmony between man and nature.

2008, Xining water works grasp project construction, actively funding for the project, the implementation of the Huangshui River governance, take a city, reservoir irrigation water supply and drainage pipe network transformation, 86 projects of soil and water conservation in small watershed management, water-saving society construction, the annual investment reached about three trillion and fifty million yuan, solve the problem of drinking water safety more than 60 thousand the improved irrigation area of sixty-five thousand acres of farmland, soil erosion area of 88 square kilometers.

this year, Xining city water department will further implement Scientific Outlook on Development, focusing on accelerating the people’s livelihood projects, infrastructure, ecological environment construction, promote the steady economic growth in the country theme, stimulating domestic demand and investment and accelerate the Tibet water conservancy construction as an opportunity to grasp the urban river flood control, Bando reservoir 1, third wastewater treatment plant in Xining city drainage network construction and renovation, the Lake District water supply project, rural water conservancy project 7, completed an investment of about six trillion and thirty million yuan, to solve the problem of water for 80 thousand people and 60 thousand head of cattle, improved irrigation area of more than 60 thousand acres, soil erosion area of 80 square kilometers, and strive to build Xining picturesque scenery, the plateau landscape ecological civilization city.


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