New year’s Eve to send warmth to front line workers

February 7th New Year’s Eve at midnight, the party secretary Wang Xiaoxian came to the first people’s Hospital, city police fire brigade, City Public Security Bureau police detachment during the Spring Festival, visit condolences still stick to their posts staff, fire officers and soldiers and policemen, on behalf of the municipal government to send their sincere greetings and good wishes.

in the fire brigade officers and soldiers, Wang Xiao shook hands to say hello, ask the working life, on behalf of the municipal government to extend my wishes to you. Wang Xiao said that the fire brigade is peace, fighting in the front line in the line of fire assault troops knives, fists troops and heroes Tiejun, made an important contribution to the safety can not be replaced by the city’s economic and social development and people’s lives and property. In order to let the people of the city have a happy and auspicious Spring Festival, fire officers and soldiers sacrifice the opportunity to reunite with their families, stick to the front line, guardian of peace, to pay tribute and thanks to everyone! Hope that we can carry forward the special hardship, in particular, to fight, in particular the spirit of dedication, continue to hold good ground, stand good, safe and secure thousands.


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