mproving the reliability of power supply and distribution network of Xining core area

August 28th, reporters from the national grid Xining electric power company was informed that, at present, the city of Xining is the core area of distribution network transformation demonstration project, after completion of the project will improve the reliability of power supply in Xining City, shorten the repair time.

it is understood that the State Grid Xining power supply company from now until the end of 2015, the province from west to East Road, Huang Huang waterway, South Nanshan Road, north to Qilian Road, the total area of the core area of about 30 square kilometers, to build five horizontal and twenty vertical modular smart grid loop network. Five horizontal and vertical power supply to the core area of the province is divided into nearly twenty hundred small grid, in the core area, the power sector will take dual power supply, dual line, double access double loop power supply. Will further improve the provincial power supply reliability, shorten the outage time, reduce the power failure area, to meet the needs of urban development. By then, if a fault occurs in the region, the power sector can be switched within 5 minutes of the region’s power supply line to another line, the residents and units within the area will not exceed 5 minutes. In addition, the blackout area is limited to the grid where the fault occurs, there will not be a wide range of power outages. And the core area of the double loop power supply network is completed, but also to meet the demand for electricity in the next twenty years in Xining, power supply reliability is expected to reach 99.997%. (author: Wang Chengying)

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