Eastern new community to do the service article

In the party’s mass line of educational practice in the East District of 12 new community focus on deepening reform of community service system, focus on solving problems throughout, to contact the service people get through the last mile". Really learn really understand, to ensure that learning into the brain into the heart. Halal Lane Community by taking concentrated study, discussion, personal study "six step learning method", to promote the deepening of education; Fu Qiang Xiang and mutual, Taining community by inviting outstanding cadres of grassroots party members and the masses of work experience and other forms of Party members and cadres to improve thinking and understanding. The overall linkage, solicit opinions and suggestions. The community through the discussion of the solicitation, the solicitation of written, on-site consultation, consultation, open consultation, network consulting, telephone consultation and other forms, to solicit opinions and suggestions 213. Li Li Li change, four winds problem effectively resolved. According to the "community service process is complex, the masses are not convenient", "method of serving the masses is not rich, the problem is not widely", the strict implementation of the "community working mechanism in front of a receiving station, the classification process, and vigorously expand the service life of the project, to carry out a wide range of activities to benefit, for progress in accordance with the time limit provides timely feedback to the masses. Innovative carrier to improve the quality of service to the masses. Taining implementation of the "Siduoliu community in place" to enhance the level of service of the masses work method; train station community to the regional party as the basis, the implementation of the "2+1+N" party linkage mechanism, building the establishment of the joint system; mutual community through the establishment of "happiness" has the characteristics of "popular project", and the masses closer to the distance between. The truth for the people, do a good solution. International community of "sunshine Zhukun" on the area of 10 needy families; Kangle community of 296 thousand yuan of funds to implement the Road residential area Bayi Road hardening project; the public sector to increase community coordination bus 81 bus trips, solve the problem of mass travel Yuanshan area. Taining community by coordinating all the way to set up in the west of the deceleration belt, zebra crossing, providing security for the surrounding people travel.  

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