God mad scratch pester air quality

19 afternoon, the city of Xining will be a strong wind blew a a murky sky over a dark earth from the city’s Environmental Protection Bureau, the reporter, the day of the dust weather, the air quality monitoring data all the way up, individual sites PM10 peak of severe pollution. On the same day, the city’s construction site earthwork excavation and demolition site was immediately halted, 20 am the city’s air quality began to change from bad to better".

blowing dust dust in our province are "homegrown"? Provincial meteorological station chief forecaster Zhang Jinong said that the cold air, brought in the Hexi Corridor, such as the southern region of dust, and no precipitation in Xining for a long time, the surface soil moisture loss is serious, Xining surrounding farmland soil began to prepare for the spring, the dust is the main factor affecting the air quality of Xining. The weather in Qinghai is studying the level of senior engineer de Ligl said that the March and April Xining air weather generally, the Hexi Corridor, the Qaidam Basin of the dust will come with cold air drift, and Xining dry surface, easy to dust on a windy day, he said: "according to the monitoring data, Xining had made great efforts in terms of pollution. Has achieved initial success. Suggested that Xining continue to increase afforestation efforts, in the case of God does not help, try their best to reduce dust floating."  

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