2012 survey and mapping law day rich and colorful activities

August 29th, hosted by the Provincial Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information, surveying and mapping administrative departments of Xining co sponsored by the survey and Mapping Law on 2012 day activities in Xining City Plaza opened.

in the morning, more than 130 staff of 37 Xining area surveying and mapping unit of qualification holders on the streets, through the panels, banners, brochures and other ways to passers-by in-depth promotion of Surveying and mapping geographic information law in surveying and Mapping Law as the core, to further enhance the whole society’s legal consciousness and the concept of the rule of law; vigorously promote administration according to law, according to the law, strict enforcement of the surveying and mapping results and typical examples, efforts to promote the law of governance, promote the whole industry to form good situation of study and application of the law.

publicity on the same day, the province sent a total of more than 300 legal publicity charity messages. Xining issued more than ten thousand copies of promotional materials, the province’s six counties and cities and counties have set up a propaganda point. (author: Ye Wenjuan)


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