82 companies prepare gift to Nanjing in April

red wolfberry, delicious yogurt, pure taste of yak jerky, highland barley wine from gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, the Tibetan Plateau, pollution-free green products has been touted by foreigners. In order to promote the implementation of brand strategy of Xining, Xining enhance brand awareness, our province will be held in early April in Jiangsu city of Nanjing province organized the 2014 Qinghai Nanjing brand promotion, then, 82 Enterprises in our city will be carefully prepared 53 kinds of 368 kinds of commodities to meet with the people of Nanjing.

in order to fully display the advantages of resources and specialty products in Xining, by the Qinghai brand promotion conference in Nanjing city on the occasion, I will organize in Xining 82 Enterprises to participate in the promotion will focus on the promotion of our province, won the "well-known trademark", "famous brand", "famous brand", "product of geographical indication", "famous trademark" qualified brand enterprises, and enterprises with strong competitiveness in the domestic market, production and management of our city has unique geographical characteristics of products, new product development enterprises with good prospects.

According to

, Industrial and Commercial Bureau taking Guangzhou office responsible person, the promotion will be through the display, sales, experience and other forms of promotion on the display of our province in high altitude, pure natural, pollution-free food, specialty products, Kunlun jade and Tibetan medicine and other specialty brand products. During the seminar, the enterprise will be through simple and lively pictures, display boxes display of Qinghai folk customs, historical and cultural tourism, rich beauty of Qinghai, in order to improve the visibility of the beauty of Qinghai, to enhance the attraction. Let more people in Jiangsu, Qinghai, understand the development process of Xining brand, cultural and historical background, played a role in promoting the United States and Qinghai.


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