Ma Shunqing in the province to promote the comprehensive reform the meeting stressed the need to tu

10 month 12 days, the province’s comprehensive health care reform to promote the work will be held in Xining, listen to the relevant departments and bureaus and regional reform work report, to promote the study of the current health care reform priorities. Provincial Party committee, deputy director of the provincial health reform leading group Ma Shunqing speech, vice governor, deputy head of the provincial health reform leading group chaired by Gao Hua.

Ma Shunqing pointed out that the national health and health conference put forward new requirements for deepening the reform work, party secretary Wang Guosheng and governor Hao Peng respectively make work instructions, we must shoulder the responsibility, the momentum is, solid work, go all out to promote the reform work. To push forward the reform of the provincial public hospital comprehensive break in yaobu mechanisms, accelerate the reform of the price of medical services and public hospital compensation system; to reinforce the classification treatment system, do aid to strengthen grass-roots construction, development of remote consultation, serious disease prevention, build stronger and better conjoined; to perfect the medical security system, the implementation of the provincial overall, promote the business insurance agency orgnaization of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, deepen the reform of the medical insurance payment; to improve the drug supplies supply mechanism, promote drug strokes, regulate circulation, strengthen the drug distribution.

Ma Shunqing stressed the need to enhance the sense of responsibility, strengthen coordination and linkage, strengthen publicity and guidance, focusing on the implementation of the work. Under the guidance of the state, under the leadership of the provincial Party committee and government, firm confidence, not afraid of hardship, in practice, in the forefront, creating a new situation of health care reform.

Gao Hua to implement the spirit of the meeting, to do a good job this year’s health care reform made specific requirements.


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