Our province will interpret the 2017 college entrance examination syllabus

2017 college entrance examination unified national examination outline once published, quickly aroused concern. In October 27th, a reporter on the new revision of the outline of the main contents, our province will be how to better guide the teaching and studying for an exam with the provincial admissions staff.

2017 new version of the college entrance examination syllabus compared with the previous revision of the larger, reflecting the new requirements and new ideas of reform. Especially in the 2017 college entrance examination outline of the revised document, there is a recurring and strengthening of the core concept of "moral education", is that the college entrance exam outline the educational orientation and function. This is also a very important orientation and characteristics of the 2017 college entrance examination syllabus.

The main changes of

2017 years college entrance examination syllabus is in the premise of emphasizing the common basis, a reasonable set of test contents and examination contents, meet the requirements for personnel selection, revision direction of fit of curriculum standards. Language is a compulsory content will be set to read practical text reading, literary texts, in order to adapt to the requirements of the new basic ability and comprehensive quality in Colleges and universities; Department of physics, is the momentum and modern physical examination contents such as compulsory, is designed to meet the basic quality requirements of university personnel selection and training and future. To guide the teaching of middle school education to strengthen the basic theory of physics teaching. Mathematics, history, geography, chemistry, deleted part of the examination contents, to reduce the repeated test. In addition, the examination syllabus also increased the content of the assessment of Chinese traditional culture, and actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, highlighting the educational orientation. For example, to increase the content of ancient cultural knowledge in language, and to increase the content of mathematical culture in mathematics.

provincial admissions staff, the college entrance examination syllabus revision, emphasizing the Rucker tree thinking under the guidance of the college entrance examination will be better for the selection of personnel services, and play an important role in guiding the teaching of basic education. In order to ensure that the new syllabus to better guide the teaching pro forma, the province will organize the basic education research experts, senior high school teachers on the syllabus to amend the contents of the depth of interpretation, to provide guidance for the candidates Pro forma. According to the relevant schools to adjust the requirements of the syllabus, careful organization of learning to do a good job in the course of teaching convergence, the implementation of the outline requirements.


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