North new 572 small and micro enterprises

This year, the city of North District continue to increase efforts to foster and support private enterprises to expand the development of private enterprises, as of now, the city’s new district all kinds of small and micro enterprises 572, the annual target of 103%. It is understood that the private economy to cultivate become the backbone of economic and social development, improve the comprehensive competitive ability of the private economy and the ability of sustainable development, to the end of August this year, the north area of new types of 572 small and micro enterprises, and accelerate business park project construction of small and medium-sized enterprises, to promote the good prospects for the development of enterprises as soon as possible the implementation. Currently located on the west side of the Qinghai University, planning land area of 586 thousand square meters of SMEs in the early development of the park is intense preparation. In addition, the North District to increase the elimination of backward production capacity and the closure of small business efforts for Western Qinghai Iron Alloy Co. Ltd. to declare the elimination of backward production capacity plan in 2014, Xining Camsing Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other 3 companies to declare the closure of small business plan, the provincial and Municipal Economic Commission audit after Xining Camsing Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. closure of small business funding subsidies 450 thousand yuan. In addition, the establishment of a long-term mechanism for financing projects, according to the needs of enterprises held a joint meeting of banks. At present, with the number of financial institutions have been coordinated, Qinghai Hongsen bean Co. Ltd. 5 Small and micro businesses financing of nearly 70 million yuan.  

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