Earnestly carry out the road of service guarantee


carry out public harbour traffic order Security Inspection Brigade on duty, Xining City Department of transportation yunguanchu all comrades give up holidays, go all out to protect the public harbour traffic order.

since entering in October, Xining weather gradually turn cold, sooner or later, a larger temperature difference. The inspectors did not because of the cold weather and go-slow. In striving for excellence activities under the excitation of continued duty in the city of Xining Main Street, road bus bay with full enthusiasm, guide the bus stop on passengers, passengers waiting on the safe and orderly guide, under the vehicle, and eliminate non bus vehicles parked in the harbor.

through the hard work of inspectors, the main sections of the road, the streets of public transport passengers waiting for the bus, bus stop in turn. Social vehicle parking, clogging port phenomenon greatly reduced. Get the social praise.

hope that through our efforts, so that traffic participants consciously and civilized to create a civilized city to do their part.



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