North of the city festival held in rural fun moon cake festival

in September 28th, in the District of Xining City Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei Xiang Qu Agricultural Park crowded, bustling. In a small rustic garden square, Tao Bei village villagers show a variety of homemade handmade cakes. On the same day, by the government of North District of Xining City, North District Animal Husbandry and Water Bureau, Baoziwan Town People’s government, the north area of Xining Township interest held agricultural science and technology limited company have jointly organized the "motherland welcome birthday, celebrate the autumn harvest" Chengbei district the first township interest Festival held here delicacy moon cake.

"delicious", people will come to enjoy the moon cakes from time to time such praise. Early in the morning around the village folks and many people gathered here, the taste of handmade moon cake, feel the culture of honest fragrance. According to the city district animal husbandry and water bureau responsible person, the moon cake festival including moon cakes taste the delicacy, Xiang fun photography exhibition, "flowers" concert and picking flowers, popularization of agricultural technology and agricultural products exhibition and other activities. (author: Haidong)

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