Clear Province third major policy measures to implement the contents of the audit

promote the project landing, financial security, decentralization, policy implementation, risk prevention 5 aspects, recently, the provincial audit department clear three key audit content, arrangement of the third quarter of all localities and departments to implement the national major policies and measures for the implementation of the follow-up audit work, policies to promote the smooth implementation of government decrees, air plant.

Provincial Audit Office official told reporters that the third quarter of the audit will focus on social assistance, the basic livelihood of the people to ensure the implementation of the policy difficulties. Check the main social relief work mechanism, coordination mechanism and performance evaluation mechanism is established; check the central and local governments at all levels of subsistence allowances, medical assistance, temporary assistance, poor staff support and other social assistance funds and funding for the implementation of the work. About the central fiscal subsidies to guarantee the minimum living security is key task, tilt, financial difficulties in the distribution of the minimum living security funds grants Yijiangdaibu measures progress etc..

will also pay attention to the construction of agricultural water conservancy irrigation projects and the implementation of policies and measures to solve the problem of rural drinking water safety in rural areas. About the construction of major water conservancy projects progress, 2015 to start the work in progress of the water conservancy project; investment issued by the central finance investment and the use of funds and key support for water diversion, the backbone of water, rivers and lakes governance, efficient water-saving irrigation projects; "13th Five-Year" during the construction of major water conservancy project feasibility study intends to promote the implementation of rural areas; the safety of drinking water projects, and in 2015 the construction of rural drinking water safety situation, arrangement and disbursement of funds. Check the construction of rural drinking water safety terminal facilities and solve the last mile problem, a number of rural drinking water safety engineering projects, audit the progress of the implementation of the project is true.

will also focus on speeding up the construction of tourism infrastructure and the development of sports industry. Check the "opinions" of the State Council on the implementation of the tourism development in Qinghai province and tourism development planning of tourism policy measures, focusing on the construction of tourism infrastructure to track audit; around the "State Council on accelerating the development of the sports industry to promote a number of opinions" of sports consumption, sports, education, finance, understand the news publishing and broadcasting departments to implement the development of the sports industry, sports consumption, sports resources and build trade show trading platform, the implementation of the policy.


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