2015 a number of key projects to start again

Strive to start into the West Railway, Qingchuan focus on promoting the new channel, built in Xining south highway, in 2015, the province will focus on national seven major investment project package, the limited funds to invest in high-precision global basis, strategic areas, transportation, water conservancy, energy, information and other fields, and then launched a number. The structure, make up the short board, increase stamina, improve people’s livelihood has an important role in the project, to promote the province’s economic and social development. The traffic, in addition to speed up the construction of the railway, the railway grid library GD Tseng, to strive to start West railway. At the same time, focus on promoting the Qingchuan channel, Xining Beltway South Ring Road, G6 high-speed Beijing Tibet tea cards to Golmud, G214 to Yushu (Republic of Xining, the ancient South Node) highway, airport, Golmud Airport expansion, the Qilian Airport and other major transport infrastructure projects. Water resources, to promote the comprehensive management of the Huangshui River, Da Ji canal, Huang water accumulation, Rasiva Gorge Reservoir Irrigation and other major water conservancy projects, basically completed the Lijia, Gongboxia, Jishixia three irrigation project. Energy, comprehensively promote the southern six counties and the Qinghai power grid network engineering, union 750 substation project, Cihaxia hydropower station, dahejia hydropower station, Xining power plant, 4 million tons of fish card coalfield grid expansion, Longyangxia Shuiguang complementary phase two, the new major energy projects 1 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power plants and power generation etc.. Information, accelerate the smart city, broadband villages and other key projects, the basic realization of the network village. In addition, this year the province will accelerate the construction of the core area of the East Sea, Xining city center square, Nanchuan area renovation and expansion of the North Qinghai Lake scenic area comprehensive development projects, orderly Sanjiang source two and Qilian Mountains ecological protection and comprehensive management of major ecological projects.  

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