For the development of well known experts feel the pulse of the planning and construction of Xining

The next few years, more than 10 years, Xining urban development direction? How to highlight the characteristics of Xining metro construction? How to solve the traffic problems in Xining? With the acceleration of urbanization process, today’s Xining is once again at the crossroads of urban development. In November 21st, Xining city mayor Wang Yubo presided over the development of expert seminars, invited well-known experts in the province and domestic scholars and make a contribution to the construction of Xining, the old leaders concerned about the long-term development of Xining, the new concept of shared experience and the development of modern city, the new research problems facing the development of Xining, on major issues in the development of city planning and construction the pulse of Xining. Mayor Wang Yubo thought lead planning and planning to lead the construction of urban development in Xining to fully study the city’s personality in Xining, highlighting the quality of Xining city. How to fully study the Xining City personality, the pursuit of urban quality? How to make Xining in the rapid development of the city to build a more beautiful, more livable, more suitable for the industry, it is more appropriate to travel, more pleasant? This is the gist of our seminar. I think we should use advanced concepts to guide the practice, with thought to lead the planning, planning to lead the urban construction. The seminar, the experts and the old leaders speak stand high, wide vision, deep thinking, full of rational and dialectical thinking, to do the next step in Xining has a strong guiding significance. We will further sort out the good ideas, good ideas, good ideas to enrich the next step of the relevant policies and documents, and in-depth study of the actual work level, pragmatic advance. Here I talk about my ideas on the development of urban planning and construction. What is the core of urban planning? My view is that the core is thinking. From the actual situation and development in the city, which requires the general rules we fully study the development of the city, to grasp the trend of the development of the city, in the background of promoting the city, with a view of system, deepen the research of city as the industry, traffic, landscape, cultural heritage and other factors of a large production life the system related to the. Urban planning and construction is a strategic issue, which is crucial to the development of a city. Urban planning and construction is also a dynamic process of development, with the change of the times, we need to deepen the understanding of ideology, keep pace with the times, improve and upgrade. At the same time, city planning and construction is an open, interactive, practice process, various departments to the city planning and construction development concept embodied in practice, highlighting the Xining city quality through a brick, every tree and bush. To fully comply with the needs of the people, the concept of people-oriented and meticulous planning, construction, management, compliance with the good and reflect the people’s desire for the new city, new requirements. The actual situation of Xining is Xining advantage former director of Municipal People’s Congress of Xining city based Xiaofei Ma as Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places, but the development speed of our city is very fast, now the city development results are from scratch, from small to large development, since the reform and opening up, Xining has changed turn the world upside down, especially in the last more than and 10 years. The provincial government and the province around the support of experts and relevant departments concerned, the significant achievements in Xining city construction and development. Xining;

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