Cohesion powerful spiritual force to provide strong public support

"General Secretary Xi 48 word press duties of the mission of the party, is a new era of journalism" compass "and has become the wind vane", each of US journalists working guidelines and goals." The news public opinion workers through serious study, in-depth discussion, consensus, "we must firmly establish political awareness, the overall sense of consciousness, as core consciousness, create a thought, temperature, quality of work, and strive to become the party and the people trust journalists." For some time, the province’s public opinion front to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping, 2· 19 important speech continued to heat up, deepening.


of the party since the news front, conscientiously study and publicize the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, working around the provincial government center, serving the overall work of the whole province, to carry out a comprehensive, multi angle, deep publicity in innovation played the strongest positive publicity, stimulate the province’s about 5800000 strong positive energy cadres and people of all nationalities unity.

adhere to the correct political orientation and public opinion oriented

spread Qinghai good voice

adhere to the correct political orientation and public opinion, is the core and soul of propaganda and public opinion work. The news public opinion work on the party will be held after the press front quickly set off the upsurge of learning, learning by focusing on training, discussion of different forms of learning, grasp the essence of the essence, at the same time open column, reported the news front page, focus on study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping 2· the spirit of the 19 important speech situation (broadcast), published in the mainstream media in the province an important forum and time, so the report is not reduced, heat is not reduced.

Qinghai Daily Edition launched "remember continuously in the news public opinion work responsibilities and mission", "to improve the dissemination of the guiding force", "influence the credibility of efforts to strengthen the propaganda and cultural construction unit leadership" and other commentary, with a clear position, popular language comprehensive interpretation of the spirit of the speech habits, comprehensive the interpretation of the news public opinion work "48 words" duties.

, a subsidiary of Qinghai radio and television Qinghai TV, Qinghai news radio channels, around the important speech of General Secretary Xi, focused on the introduction of a number of series of reports, reports the news public opinion front discuss my experiences and enthusiastic response. We have said, will remember the general secretary of the Commission, adhere to the correct political orientation, the performance of their duties, take the party’s news public opinion work responsibilities and mission.

"distinctive party spirit principle, correct political direction, firm political position, it is the basic requirement of news public opinion worker. As the party’s journalists to use the pen for the reform and development of encouraging, Qinghai tell a good story, good sound propagation in Qinghai. This year won the China news award two prize, Qinghai daily news reporter Zhang Haihu said.

around the center, serving the overall situation, is the party’s responsibility and mission of public opinion. Since this year;

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