Eleven golden week in Xining the focus of the business of the company’s 204 million to pay 14

During the National Day holiday, Xining festival market supply is abundant, rich in goods, the price is generally stable, showing a prosperous buying and selling. According to monitoring, from October 1st to 7, Xining City, the focus of the business to achieve sales of 204 million yuan of $14, an increase of 12.05%.

for the protection of the holiday market supply, let people spend a happy and peaceful day festival, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce in the Mid Autumn Festival this year, National Day, and Muslims overlapping Corban Festival features, arrangements for the commercial circulation enterprises to buy gifts, discounts, sweepstakes, membership and other forms of promotion of double integral activities, and the organization of marketable goods, abundant supply of goods, plenty of grain, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and other daily necessities supply general merchandise, a superb collection of beautiful things to meet the consumer demand, the different levels of the organization during the festival, the festival of commodity value of Sishiyuyi yuan.

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